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Open Thread: What Are Your Star Wars: Episode VIII Theories?

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We’ve got many a long day and night to go before Star Wars: Episode VIII gets here, and in the meantime, there’s nothing to do but speculate. SPOILERS TO FOLLOW, BOTH IN THE POST AND IN THE COMMENTS.

Many fans have already started sharing their theories on what we can expect from Episode VIII: one Tumblr user’s Dad believes Kylo Ren only went to the Dark Side so that he could ultimately kill Snoke; /Film’s Peter Sciretta suggests, among many other fun theories, that Rey could be Snoke’s daughter; and some of the TMS crew would be interested in seeing a movie that was set partially in the past Star Wars universe and partially in the present, revealing a little bit more background on where our new space friends came from.

Now we want to hear from you! Who do you think is related to whom? Who are you shipping? Are there any additional original trilogy characters you want to bring back? What do you want to see from Leia’s arc in the next movie? What’s Snoke’s deal? What do you really, really, really hope won’t happen?

Enlighten us, dear readers. It’s Wednesday afternoon on a holiday week and we all have Christmas/Star Wars brain. Let’s do this thing.

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