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Scientists Suggest Mars Voyage Should be One-Way

Washington State University astrobiologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch and Arizona State University physicist Paul Davies co-wrote an article entitled “To Boldly Go” suggesting that a one-way trip to Mars would be more efficient than a roundtrip, and they believe the one-way explorations could take place in around twenty years.

The two scientists feel the trips would be in two teams of two and the astronauts would be around age sixty. It is theorized that the voyage would cut 80% of costs if it were one-way, saving on fuel on provisions. NASA spokesman Michael Braukus responded to the idea, simply stating, “We want our people back.”

Schulze-Makuch understands NASA’s sentiment, and suggested the idea might better suit a private sector, saying, “What we would need is an eccentric billionaire.”

Either way, it’d be really nice if someone got to Mars soon, so I can find out that the following is just a weird rock before I die:

Of course, they could all team up and invent teleporters already, and no one would even have to consider voyaging to Mars without the intention of returning.

(via LA Times)

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