Shanks about to break hearts in One Piece episode 1112
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‘One Piece’s Next Episode Will Feature a Clash to Remember

It’s here. It’s finally here. For months, I’ve wondered, “Oh man, will it be the next episode?” Now, it truly is next. In episode 1112 of Toei’s One Piece anime, fan-favorite Worst Generation captain Eustass “Captain” Kid will challenge Luffy’s hero and One Piece‘s hottest dad, Shanks.

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I’ve been anxiously awaiting this episode for a year and a half. It will adapt One Piece chapter 1079. If you’ve read the manga, you know what’s in store. If you haven’t read the manga, suffice it to say that this will be a spicy episode. You can tell that even from the preview—it’s clearly one of the episodes Toei decided to go all-in on. The episode title is right to the point, too: “Clash! Shanks vs. Eustass Kid.”

Note that Kid has challenged Shanks’ crew once before, off-screen during the time skip. The result was that his arm was cut off by Shanks’ first mate, Ben Beckman. Even Killer’s a little worried.

Whether Killer’s concerns turn out to be justified or not, episode 1112 is going to have people talking. This is a Big One. Hell, this could even be a historic one, just based on the manga material. It’s the rare kind of episode that manga readers are just as excited to watch as anime-only One Piece fans. The last time that happened was the debut of Gear 5 last year.

I’m not saying this is a Gear 5-level event. That was a climactic moment for a protagonist we’ve been following for 25-some years. But this episode will definitely be an Event.

Before I accidentally share spoilers or inflate your expectations anymore (which will hopefully not be something I come to regret), let me tell you when you’ll be able to watch this highly-anticipated episode.

When to watch Shanks vs. Kid

New episodes of One Piece air on Sunday mornings in Japan. Specifically, they air at 9:30AM, which I can tell you from the experience of me giddily turning One Piece on in Airbnbs. Japan’s currently 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time (Japan doesn’t have daylight savings, so it shifts).

In other words, new episodes of One Piece drop on Saturdays on Crunchyroll at 8:30PM ET / 5:30PM PT. The episode will come onto Netflix soon after.

The One Piece anime airs weekly, except for a few rare holidays or broadcast conflicts. Fortunately, next week is neither. That means Kid and Shanks’ big clash will come right on schedule, on the evening of Saturday, July 13, 2024, for North American viewers.

As someone who normally saves new episodes of One Piece for Sunday morning, I feel as a manga reader that this episode will definitely be an evening watch. Wrangle your local One Piece friend group and make some popcorn. Get ready for this one, fam. We’re in for one hell of an episode.

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