Luffy in Gear 5 from Vol 104 of One Piece
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‘One Piece’ Chapter 1119 Could Change the World as We Know It

In chapter 1117, it seemed like we might be about to leave Egghead. After chapter 1118 said its piece, it still seems like the Straw Hats and company are trying to leave Egghead as quickly as possible. There’s just going to have to be a wee fight first.

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And by a “wee fight,” I mean a fight that could very much alter the world of One Piece as we know it. The final panels of chapter 1118 “broke” One Piece in the best possible way. Now, we wait to see whether the outcome of that fight will either change the fabric of the World Government as we know it … or cause casualties among our heroes.

Elbaf felt near, but then …

Major spoilers ahead for One Piece 1118 and the Egghead arc

It certainly seems like the Five Elders have succeeded in cutting off Vegapunk’s message. While the Iron Giant is still kicking, the poor transponder snail inside of it that was sending out Vegapunk’s broadcast has probably drowned. Between York killing the Labophase’s security and the Saints’ rampage, a lot of snails have died over the course of this arc, when you think about it. I do not approve.

We did get further confirmation of a suspicion: that the Iron Giant is moving specifically in response to the presence of “Joy Boy.” Meaning, it only awakens and moves when Luffy is in Gear 5.

Of course, the chapter ended on a major twist: thanks to the power of the Toshi-Toshi No Mi and her own imagination, Bonney also transformed into Nika. Which means there are now two Nikas!

And just in time, too. Finally, everyone’s at their respective ships and ready to set sail. Well, except for Stussy and her reaffirmed BFF Kaku. And RIP Edison, apparently. Plus, is Lucci just going to stay on the island and die? Anyways, everyone else is finally at one of the two escape ships: the Thousand Sunny up top at the Labophase, or the Giant Pirates’ ship down below.

But the Five Elders won’t let them escape so easily. Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro, in horrifying centaur from hell form, is currently fighting Zoro and Jinbe at the Thousand Sunny. Meanwhile, Saint Marcus Mars, in horrifying bird monster form, came to attack the Giant Pirates’ ship. (Don’t worry, I don’t actually have these names memorized, either.)

If any force could beat one of the Five Elders, it’s two Nikas.

So when does chapter 1119 drop?

Both the Sunny and the Giant Pirates’ ship want to leave Egghead and set course for Elbaf as quickly as possible. Anything to get away from the horrifying saint-monsters. But those saint-monsters are probably the most powerful creatures we’ve yet to see in One Piece. I’m not taking it for granted that everyone will be able to make it out okay.

At the very least, I’m not sure the Zoro and Jinbe team will be able to beat their Elder outright. But I do think Nika-fied Luffy and Bonney stand a chance at defeating Marcus Mars. Needless to say, the defeat of one of the Five Elders, the highest public-facing authority in the World Government, would be huge. More like the Four Elders, am I right? It’s just a shame that the one who could be going is the Elder with the most easily memorable name.

You wonder what effect that would have on Luffy’s public reputation. Already, the public watching Vegapunk’s broadcast is incorrectly coming to the conclusion that Luffy, who was reported to be holding Vegapunk hostage, must’ve killed him. “Why would the government kill the world’s greatest genius?” If only they knew…

Anyway, we’ll hopefully get a better understanding of what the odds are in both fights in the next chapter. And thank god, we won’t have to wait for long. Chapter 1119 will drop on the Shonen Jump app on Sunday, June 30. New chapters usually drop around 11 AM ET/8 AM PT.

As always, please keep in mind that any version of the chapter that drops any earlier is an unofficial leak. At times, like this, when huge developments are on the horizon, the tension between the leaks and those of us who wait for the official release on Sundays can get high. This article is being published on Tuesday, and I have friends who have already been spoiled on the upcoming chapter.

So please, even if you read the leaks, do not post about the chapter on social media until Sunday. I am begging you.

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