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One of the Internet’s Worst Men Is Having the Week He Deserves

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I wish I could go back to a time last week when I was blissfully unaware of garbage person Steven Crowder‘s existence. I won’t say they were better or simpler times, but it turns out that when a man doesn’t think a woman should be legally able to divorce him simply because she wants to, he’s going to have other terrible things about him come to light, too. Shocker, I know. Here’s the good news: He’s having a bad week.

First, there was a Ring camera video leaked of him being emotionally and verbally abusive to his heavily pregnant wife, when she was trying to leave their home to go grocery shopping, because she was “refusing” (obviously his words) to do “wifely things” (again, his words), and then he whined about how, if she went to go to the grocery store, he couldn’t go see his friends or go to the gym. I am serious. This is a grown man talking to his very pregnant wife this way without a hint of shame or embarrassment in his voice, and casually smoking what appears to be a cigar mere feet from her while spewing this vile misogynistic nonsense.

According to Yashar Ali’s Newsletter, where the video is embedded, this harassment occurred because Crowder wanted his wife to handle medication for his dog that she believed was harmful to the fetuses she was carrying. This is why, in the video, he keeps berating her to “put on gloves” and give the dog medication—despite Steven Crowder being fully able, himself, to give the dogs their medication. I guess that is a wifely duty?! The video ends with a caption that after she left the Ring camera area, he followed her inside their home and screamed at her “I will fuck you up.” Imagine saying that all because your wife wouldn’t do something you were entirely capable of doing yourself.

You can watch the video here, but I recommend you don’t. It’s pretty awful.

Well, as a result of the Ring video being released to the world, providing us all yet more proof that Steven Crowder is a terrible person, he is now threatening to release his wife’s medical records. Classy move, sir. I would expect nothing less from a man who yells at his pregnant wife while smoking in her face. Per The Mirror:

Now the YouTube star has said he filed a motion to “officially unseal all files” related to the divorce proceedings.

This would include “finances, relevant medical records including mental health history or evaluations, depositions, and any motions or sanctions from the courts of Texas.”

Steven also claimed the Ring video was “misleadingly edited.”

Oh, I’m sorry, did someone edit a cigar into your hands? Or alter the words to make it seem like you were harassing your wife?! I think not. This is the crappiest cry of “fake news” I’ve heard. Come on, now. Don’t pee on our collective leg and tell us it’s raining. This whole victim cry would hold more weight (slightly more than none) if Crowder weren’t continuing his crusade of abuse against his wife with every move he makes. That’s right! There’s more.

See, Crowder is a bully with a pulpit, so he’s not going to stay quiet. He’s using his platform to further intimidate his wife, naturally. Here is Crowder’s statement on the video where he threatens to release his estranged wife’s medical files in retaliation for the video. Classy guy.

Here’s the specifically relevant part of that statement:

I will NOT be leaking private marital information to the press, but if the privacy agreements are not respected by all parties, I will address all that is a matter of irrefutable legal record, in full context, next week.

Here’s the thing, though: Now that the Ring video has come out, others are coming forward with their own “This guy is a massive, abusive piece of s*it” stories. See what I told you earlier? He’s having a bad week, and the pile-on is beginning. The New York Post reports several people sharing details about Crowder being terrible, including at work, where people were unsurprised by the behavior in the video and said he’s also “screamed at his employees — including his own father — exposed his genitals, sent out directives to arbitrarily fire people and made underlings wash his dirty laundry.”

Ok, what?! Apparently, he exposed himself to staffers a lot, with several accounts in the Post’s story more detailed than anything you ever wanted to hear about Crowder’s genitals. Steven Crowder is a bad person with nothing redeemable about him. I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners. I hope every terrible thing he’s ever done is leaked. I hope every employee sues him for workplace harassment. I hope every time someone Googles him, these stories pop up, and not his crappy YouTube channel. Most of all, I hope he has the life he deserves.

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