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Misogynist Conservative Pundit Very Upset That His Wife Can Legally Dump Him

These conservative men always tell on themselves.

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Steven Crowder is not a good, kind, or decent person. Luckily, I barely know who he is because I’m not in the business of associating with tiresome a-holes, but if you search his name on this very site, you’ll see he’s a bad person! He has the typical extreme right-wing fascist views designed to either rot your brain with hatred or make you extremely angry if you’re a decent person, views that dictate anyone who doesn’t look like him (white guy) and think like him (conservative) is terrible and the enemy.

At this point, it’s a formula for these grifters to pander their hate, and it’s all very tiresome in addition to being extremely dangerous to the fabric of our society.

Anyway, he’s going through a rough time because his wife done up and left him. Excuse me a minute while I take a deep breath and laugh emphatically.

You can watch the announcement video here, but if I may offer some advice: don’t. Life is short and I have key pull quotes transcribed below. Save your precious brain cells for something more important. He’s just not worth it:

So, Crowder mentions Candace Owens in his rant, whom he’s feuding with right now basically because she insinuated he was going through something so he announced his divorce. Remember: This is conservative media. It’s all a grift. It’s designed to give these numbskulls something to talk about while they’re also screaming about how the Other (Which Other? I don’t know! Take your pick!) is ruining America. Basically, this is like the WWF of our ’90s youth. The wrestlers smack-talked each other then, too. It’s all entertainment. Ignore it. Don’t get sucked in. A paragraph is enough space to waste on this.

The real crux of the issue here is that Crowder has been going through a nasty divorce since October 2021(!), and he is big mad that his wife even can leave him without his consent—surely leaving a big mystery as to why she might want to! Here are some choice pull quotes from the video because you really shouldn’t waste 5 precious minutes of your life watching that horrid man whine. Per The Sun (because they did waste their time and transcribed it for us):

“And no, this was not my choice,” he added. “My then-wife decided that she didn’t want to be married anymore and in the state of Texas, that is completely permitted.”

My man, it is not the 1930s anymore, no matter how much you wish it to be, and maybe some lawmakers in the state are trying to make it so, again. Women can actually get sick of your nonsense and just up and leave. Remember that for next time, if you manage to get yourself married again. It’s frightening how these men want to control women and keep them helpless, in the home, and under their control. The fact that he’s confused and angry that she can just up and leave him when their marriage no longer works for her really gives you an insight into how his twisted mind works. Speaking of which, prepare yourself for what comes next …

Here comes my favorite quote. Brace yourself; it’s truly spectacular. Per the above source:

“In all this, one thing I wanna be really clear about is certain. True north here is that my children are blameless, completely without fault, and so we decided to resolve these issues privately as it’s in their best interest both emotionally and physically to do so.”

There is something bizarre implied here, in his own Swiss cheese-esque mind, where the children could possibly be at fault, but he wants to be clear that his, specifically, aren’t? Like, did this not go without saying? Children involved in divorce may sometimes need to hear it, but it feels weird to say publicly like this. Some things in life are implied, and when you have young children, like he does, surely the divorce would never be their fault?

Let’s bask in others dunking on a bad person’s misfortune, shall we? Since it turns out that, when all you spew is garbage on the internet, when bad things happen to you, people are ready, willing, and able to be there when you fall to point and laugh.

Genuinely, it’s an embarrassment of riches to wade through. People really don’t like this guy.

Perhaps what I love most about the conservative grift, is how they always tell on themselves. Always:

Other than what Crowder has shared on his divorce, there’s no further information available. All I can say is I hope she takes him to the cleaners and goes as low-contact as she possibly can in a co-parenting situation with him that is as healthy as possible for the children.

(featured image: Reddit)

Correction: This article originally misidentified Crowder as a Daily Wire host.

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