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#OneHitMeansOut Calls for the NFL to Stop Tolerating Domestic Abuse

Mildly NSFW


(Trigger warning: the video contains a small amount of blood and bruises.)

The NFL doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to handling cases of their players guilty of domestic violence.  Fast Company shared the above video and pointed out that while there were fewer arrests in the last year, there are players guilty of abuse, some of them “less-than-repentant,” still on the field. Additionally, previous efforts were…well, just read this article about why their domestic violence awareness campaign, No More, is a sham and this article about William Gay being fined for drawing attention to the issue via purple shoes.

This PSA from Made By Woman Media titled “Topless Women Talk NFL” begins with three women covering their breasts. We don’t see their faces, but we hear their voices:

Hey NFL! Thanks for caring about our boobs. Wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness was awesome.

The camera then shifts upwards to their faces. One woman has bruises on her neck, another has a bloody nose, and the third has a black eye.

Now, start caring about the rest of us.

Stop tolerating abuse.

If the NFL won’t take a stand, you should. Tell them, “no hits off the field. One hit means out.”

It’s a short PSA, but a very effective one. As the Super Bowl rolls around, it’s definitely a topic that deserves a spotlight.

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