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Let’s Celebrate One Day at a Time Being Saved By Pop TV

#SaveODAAT worked!

rita moreno, gloria estefan, stephanie beatriz, melissa fumero, and justine machado in One Day at a Time.

Sometimes Netflix makes horrible decisions. Thankfully, Pop TV is here to rectify one of their worst ideas. One Day at a Time has been saved from cancellation by Pop TV and we couldn’t be happier. Break out the gifs and start a re-watch because the show is back, baby!

This is happy news, truly happy news. The show is incredibly important, with strong Latinx representation, queer representation, and mental health representation. It’s a well-written, powerful show that balances humor and drama perfectly, and is anchored by excellent performances by the entire cast, including the iconic Rita Moreno as Lydia.

Twitter is united in joy for the series being saved, with both the stars of the show and celebrity fans such as Stephanie Beatriz (who guest-starred in the third season premiere) and Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeting their happiness.

“We love making the show, we love these people, we love this cast,” showrunner Glora Calderón Kellett said in an interview with Deadline. “We lave this type of storytelling in a Norman Lear fashion, we love telling it about this family, especially right now when the Latinx community is still pretty vilified in the press by the administration, so to be able to put something forward that is positive and hopeful about a Latin immigrant family doing right in America seems important. We are really honored and thrilled to be able to do it and so grateful to Pop and to Sony for allowing us to continue to tell this important story.”

Are you excited for the show to come back? How are you celebrating the surprise save?

(image: Netflix)

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