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Good Rumor or Best Rumor?: Rufio Coming To Once Upon a Time?



We have no idea whether this rumor is at all founded in reality, but at the same time that’s hardly relevant, because if there’s a chance that Rufio (RU-FI-OH, RU-FI-OH, RU-FI-OHHHHH) will be in season three of Once Upon a Time that’s the sort of thing I am morally obligated to tell you.

Maybe if we say “I do believe in the return of Rufio” enough, it will happen.

[Spoilers for season two, including the finale, are behing the cut, so beware if it’s not aired in your country yet.]

The rumor comes courtesy of SpoilerTV, which says:

“For Once Upon A Time episode 3.01 and recurring in several episodes, the roles of Rufio and Thief are being cast. Rufio is in his teens, and is a mischievous and devious Lost Boy, and the Thief is in his 30s and steals magic from Rumpelstiltskin in order to save someone he loves.”

My second thought (the first was “AAAAAHHHHHH!”) is that having Rufio in the show would be a bit weird since he’s the exclusive creation of Hook and never showed up in the Disney version of Peter Pan. Once runs on ABC, which is owned by Disney, and as such it pulls from, among other things, Disney’s animated fairy tale movies. For example, the character of Belle has a chipped cup and wears a familiar yellow dress at one point. To my knowledge introducing an aspect of a Disney-adapted story hailing from another adaptation of that story is something they haven’t done before. Plus Rufio is the creation of, and as such is owned by, someone else.

Then again, they’re Disney. It’s not like they can’t afford it.

We know from the season two finale that Once is going to Neverland for season three, and that the main characters will face off against the evil mini-terror that is Peter Pan. The prospect of Peter as a villain is what made me think I might want to give the show a second shot after being put off by a season in which I constantly wanted to punch everyone in the face. (With some exceptions. I like Hook, Belle, Cora, Aurora, Mulan, and Tamara, and I couldn’t find Ruby to punch her in the face even if I wanted to because where has she been?!)

You get Rufio, Once, and I’m back onboard. I will parasail into season three with a tie-dyed faux-hawk screaming “BANGARANG” at the top of my lungs.

(via: io9)

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