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Olympic Pulse: Watch Winter Olympic Tweets in Real Time

Twitter trackers are a dime a dozen nowadays, but NBC’s Winter Olympics tweet tracker, Olympic Pulse,” is a cut above the rest for its fantastic, picture-heavy interface. It’s not only pretty; it tells the story of what’s currently going on at the Winter Olympics in in a way that a simple stream of Tweets can’t.

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FlowingData breaks it down:

It’s a self-updating, browsable treemap with deeper keyword breakdowns when you click. For example, as I write this, Apollo Anton Ohno just won silver after a crazy finish in the 1500. Click on the related rectangle, and see the related tags and recent tweets. Use the scroll up top to move through time.

The Olympic Twitter tracker was designed by Stamen Design, a web design and tech outfit based on San Francisco: you can see more of their work on their website.

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