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Olivia Colman Makes the Perfect Villain for This Ad About the Fossil Fuel Industry Using People’s Pensions

Olivia Colman raises awareness on pension funds of UK citizens going to big oil and gas firms.

Who would’ve thought that the actress who starred in The Crown as Queen Elizabeth II herself would be satirizing the villainous oil industry? Olivia Colman, or “Oblivia Coalmine,” starred in a Make My Money Matter video regarding the unsettling truth of where £88,000,000,000 U.K. pensions are invested.

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Most of them go to oil and gas, despite the majority of pension savers wanting their money invested into renewable sources of energy instead. The fossil fuel industry getting investment from the U.K. public who are none the wiser also means its expansion by development and exploration, instead of that money going into the development of green energy.

This was mentioned much earlier in 2023, in a report that highlighted “sustainable” pension funds, which could possibly be backing the world’s biggest oil and gas firms. The report encouraged people to be skeptical about claims of sustainability to watch out for greenwashing, and to ask essential questions such as whether the company invests in fossil fuels, or if it invest in environmental programs. The scariest part about Olivia Colman’s advertisement is that it does live up to the greenwashing allegations since it accuses firms of being performative about green tech to keep activists appeased rather than putting their money into renewable sources of energy.

Pension savers are aware now at the very least, but they also have the choice to put their money where it matters, and it’s somewhere they’d want their funds to go instead. Nobody wants to retire on scorched earth.

It looks like Olivia herself doesn’t just make a good actress for the late Queen, but she’d probably do a great job as Venom for any Spider-Man movies to come out with the way she carries that sick-looking dress. If Venom’s not up for grabs, at least we all know now that she’d also do great as an older Cruella de Vil if her villain origin gets any sequels later in the future.

(featured image: Make My Money Matter)

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