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Maybe Some Weed Legalization Talk Will Be the Politics People Finally Care About

He doesn't have a show on 4/20, so 4/2 will have to do.

John Oliver’s (and the rest of the late night hosts’) pretty much nonstop onslaught on Donald Trump over the past few weeks has been matched only by the Trump administration’s onslaught on the fundamentals of our very reality. So, Oliver took a break on last night’s Last Week Tonight to talk about tenuous strides in legalizing marijuana … and how Donald Trump and politics affect that.

Maybe—just maybe—if the other reasons Donald Trump is objectively bad for everyone have done nothing to dissuade his supporters, the realization that his attorney general is a walking incarnation of Reefer Madness propaganda will do something to change that. Sessions’ role only briefly makes an appearance in Oliver’s breakdown of the issue, but make no mistake that his appointment—and Trump’s election—pose a big problem while the drug is still a highly illegal controlled substance in the eyes of the federal government.

The president is just one person, and despite Trump’s own endless stream of equivocation, the people around him have very specific, not-very-surprising viewpoints on certain issues, like Paul Ryan’s desire to make us all Hunger Games it out for some healthcare, or Jeff Sessions’ desire to continue to jail people—mostly Black people—for possession of marijuana. As an issue with surprising—to white people—racial equality implications, it wouldn’t be so bad if “they’re coming for your weed” is what finally gets the more apathetic people out there to realize what’s going on.

Seriously, way too many people still believe in Donald Trump despite huge disagreements with what he’s actually doing, so if I have to become Weed Legalization Guy to make people listen, so be it.

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