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Okay Yes, Disneyland, I’d Love to Watch Spider-Man at the Stark Expo

Spider-Man looking shocked

I already know that Marvel is going to continue to take all my money and run with it, but now, with new footage of Avengers Campus (the new addition featuring our favorite heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Disney Parks), I can’t help but cry for my wallet.

Avengers Campus is something that I dreamed of once, filled to the brim with content from our favorite heroes and ready for all our avenging needs, but this new video shows a new look into the park and how it’s going to look spanning all the Disney Parks around the world!

Maybe it’s because I truly am exhausted or maybe I’m just too emotionally invested in these characters, but I’m crying a little over this video because it’s beautiful to watch as Spider-Man flies to the rescue and Cap rolls into action.

I do find it funny that the Stark Expo at this new park is essentially a show for these characters (it seems) instead of, you know, the Stark Expo. Within the context of the MCU, the Stark Expo is an opportunity for all the leaders in technology to share their discoveries and new products, but at Avengers Campus, I guess the idea is the Avengers showing us exactly what they can do, and … okay, I’m not upset about it, especially while watching Peter Parker come shooting out of the ground.

There is still a lot about Avengers Campus that we don’t know, and with that, we have to look into what the parks can actually offer us from the MCU that is viable. My dream is for a look into one of Tony Stark’s labs—maybe even the lab from The Avengers in which Bruce Banner and Tony became our beloved “science bros.” But that’s just something we’ll have to wait and see, and the more I learn about Avengers Campus, the more I fall in love with everything Disney is offering me.

I will say that it’s funny that this video heavily features Spider-Man now that the news has broken that he is still a member of the Avengers. Disney said, “Oh, we still have him in the movies? Great,” and then put a whole segment of him just flying around in their promotional video to get fans excited. (It worked! I’m excited!)

All this video did was make me even more excited about the Disney Parks additions, and I know I’m setting myself up for long lines, lots of money spent on toys, and tears when I see the Avengers Compound live and in the flesh, but that’s all something I’m ready to sign up for. Damn you, Mouse!

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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