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Avengers Campus Is Every Disney and Marvel Fan’s Dream Park

the gang is all here for avengers: endgame.

Imagine, if you will, my realization that there is going to be a Quintjet at Avengers Campus in Disneyland. I basically looked like this corgi:

An excited corgi

While Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is still fresh in the hearts of all Star Wars fans, Marvel fans are having our time too. It’s honestly surprising that it took so long. A first look at the new park was brought to the world today at the D23 Expo. Set to premiere in 2020 in Disneyland’s California Adventure, Avengers Campus is definitely going to take all my money and be filled with my tears when (if!) I eventually go.

Looking at the concept, what I see is Spider-Man and Avengers Compound. So, essentially, I’m already screaming. But that’s just the beginning! There are so many references to characters like Peter Parker talking about the “initiative” and Hope Van Dyne writing a message from Pym Industries.

It seems like the park’s main gimmick will be that you are “recruited” to be an Avenger upon entry. In addition to the compound, I hope there is also a look into Stark Industries and maybe even Tony’s lab. While there are iconic set pieces from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it doesn’t really have something like the Millenium Falcon to really draw fans in. What it has is the Quintjet and Tony Stark’s labs that he often spent his time in. Not to mention that Shuri also has a super high-tech lab we can explore … please give us Shuri’s lab.

According to io9, there was an idea…

“The idea behind Avengers Campus is that the Avengers have set up places all over the world to recruit special people to join their ranks. Special people like…everyone who visits a Disney park. The theming will tie together other Disney theme parks all over the world that already have Marvel rides such as Paris and Hong Kong.”

So, does this mean that we’ll start to see Avengers Campus locations all across the world and they’re just starting in the U.S.? Or is it just to include the rides that already exist? We’ll have to wait and see, and we’ll probably be getting lots more information on it as the weekend goes on.

Right now, we have no idea what the pricing is going to be for this park so it might be a pipe dream to ever think we could afford to go. Is Avengers Campus a place you’d visit?

(via io9, image: Marvel Entertainment)

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