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Overly Complex OK Go Music Videos Get Parodied

You might know the rock band OK Go for its music, but you probably know them better for their elaborate viral music videos: “Here It Goes Again,” the YouTube sensation of coordinated treadmill dancing, is currently the 57th most popular video on the site; “This Too Shall Pass” utilizes an gigantic Rube Goldberg contraption built over four months by Syyn Labs across two floors; the most recent “End Love” is again another feat of coordinated–this time in stop-motion!–dancing.

Now, Babelgum has released a parody video titled “OK Go’s New Viral Video: Giant Pie,” which suggests that perhaps the band should stop producing increasingly complicated videos, and simply return to their roots: you know, music. Watch the amusing music video / mock-behind-the-scenes after the jump.

(via Mashable.)

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