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Oh Good, Pixar Is Going To Make Us Cry Over ‘Up’ in a Movie Theater Again

Carl Fredricksen sitting in his chair in Up

If you ask adults what movie made them instantly cry, the answer for many adults is, surprisingly, Up. Well, less surprising and more just knowing. I’m sure if you stopped and thought about those opening 10 minutes long enough right now, you’d start crying again. That’s just the power that Up has! And now we’re getting more of Carl’s story, and—god, do they just want all my money to go to tissues?

It isn’t news that Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner in the original movie) is getting a new Pixar short. Part of Dug Days, a series that follows along with our favorite talking dog, Carl’s Date will be the short film that plays before the latest Pixar movie, Elemental. So if you weren’t already prepared to cry at a Pixar movie, now you’ll have double the opportunities!

Carl’s Date was original set to air on Disney+ but has recently been announced as the short that will play prior to Elemental, which certainly sets a tone (as most of the shorts do). Set to release on June 16, 2023, we still have a while to wait (and mentally prepare) for Carl’s date but god, I can’t believe I’m going to end up crying over Carl Fredricksen in a movie theater yet again.

As of now, Carl is still set to be voiced by Ed Asner so we’ll have that emotional reaction to unpack as well. Just … bring your tissues.

The beauty of Up

There are so many Pixar movies that connect with people. My favorite continues to be Inside Out. But the emotional impact that Up had on audiences is not lost to even those of us who have other favorites. We all cried over Carl and Ellie’s story. What makes me cry about Up is Carl’s relationship with Russell, but I still find the beginning sequence to be one of the most moving scenes in filmmaking to date.

Seeing Carl go on a date and try to find love again after all these years? Oh, that’s going to hurt. I think that Up knew how to balance the sweetness with the pain. And this short seems like it’s going to hit those same emotional notes. You know Dug is going to try and help. If Russell is there, he’ll pick out flowers for Carl to bring.

It all just plays into what made Up so special in the first place. I hope that Carl is happy and that my tears are worth his date. And I just hope that Elemental doesn’t wreck me in the same way that this short is destined to. But I know that I’m going to be a sobbing mess and that’s okay. That’s why we like Pixar anyway, right? Just a way to get all our emotions out?

I’m happy for you, Carl. Really, I am. But man, can I just not cry over this man and his floating house like one time?

(featured image: Pixar)

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