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Did Mark Millar Have His Comic Photoshopped Into President Obama’s Hands?

We know our President is a little bit of a geek, having admitted to once collecting comics, and threading Superman jokes into a speech at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner.  But he’s not this much of a geek.  He’s not actually reading Mark Millar‘s Superior.  That’s a photoshop.  A photoshop that seems to be the weapon of a badly managed unsubtle grab at attention from somebody.

As Bleeding Cool points out, if Mark Millar is behind the ‘shop, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Here’s the actual photo of Obama (Bleeding Cool has one more from a different angle, just to be sure):

The picture was posted by one “Laura Draper,” a first time poster on whose account is less than a month old, with the adjoining text:

It seems Obama himself is retreating into his childhood as he faces The November Massacre. I remember when we feared the country was being run by a group of secret socialists. Now I’m worried we’re being led over a cliff by a team of secret GEEKS. Check it out…

As if Mark Millar’s titles are at all appropriate for children.

A nearly identical post also appeared yesterday on, by an account that joined within the past 24 hours and has exactly the number of posts under its belt necessary to unlock link-posting permissions. Both posts might have toiled in obscurity, if one of them hadn’t been tweeted by Simon Pegg, who, Bleeding Cool notes, was recently interviewed for CLiNT, Millar’s new magazine.

Of course, there’s nothing at all connecting Millar to the posts, other than the fact that he’s done pretty much the same thing before, though without the subtlety.  Back in March, Millar posted a photoshopped picture of an New York Times Square billboard for Nemesis, his graphic novel that was releasing that day, heavily implying that he had bought the adspace with royalties from Kick-Ass.

So, no connection at all.  But we wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised.

(via Comicvine.)

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