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NY Post Blockades Safari on iPad, Pushes App

Yesterday, the New York Post began blocking all access to their website for those using the iPad version of the Safari web browser. Instead of viewing the website, visitors see a large notice informing them that NY Post content “is now only accessible on the iPad through the New York Post App.” The NY Post iPad app costs $1.99, and is currently available in the app store. It should be noted that this is a subscription app, and further fees would apply.

Oddly, the NY Post blockade only affects Safari. If you were to use another iPad browser, such as Opera, you would have no trouble viewing NY Post content.

News Corp, which owns the NY Post, has been a forerunner in subscription content on multiple platforms, rolling out The Daily a few months ago. But the move to block a specific subset of users in order to drive app sales is a bit unusual. Prior to blockade, Safari users on iPads that visited the NY Post saw large ads that prompted them to purchase the app. The old ads were simply suggestions, but trying to force users to purchase the app could result in fewer app downloads, and more angry readers.

(photo via The Examiner, Paid Content via TechMeme)

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