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Now That’s What I Call MIDI

If you’ve ever thought those endless Now That’s What I Call Music! albums would be far more interesting if they were loaded with robotic-sounding MIDIs, you’re not alone: The folks behind Internet Archaeology are currently raising money via Kickstarter for a project called Now That’s What I Call MIDI, which will consist of a limited run of vinyl records chock full of MIDIs from the late ’90s.

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Now That’s What I Call MIDI will be a full length EP containing 16 of your favorite Jamz from yesteryear (the late 90s) converted from MIDI format onto the plush sound of vinyl! We are looking to press 500 records, no more, no less. Each record is a limited edition and will be your chance to own a piece of history! Records will be 12′ black vinyl in full color printed jacket.

90’stastic Kickstarter video below:

Internet Archaeology has also assembled a truly impressive collection of over 10,000 MIDIS on their site.

(Kickstarter via OhGizmo!)

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