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Now, Gmail Will Sort Your Important Email Automatically

Hot on the heels of Gmail’s new phone call function, Google is rolling out a new feature called Gmail Priority Inbox that will automatically put your most important email, as determined by Google’s algorithms, into a high-priority inbox. Below that, you’ll see those emails which you’ve decided to star (this is a feature that’s already existed in Gmail); below, that, you’ll see “everything else,” the standard dump of your email as it comes in. Much like Google’s high-quality, barely noticeable spam filter, Priority Inbox will be a painless, automatic sorting and filtering mechanism, although if it’s not your cup of tea, you’ll be able to select your standard Gmail inbox from the sidebar.

Google OS:

Google takes into account implicit signals like: the messages from people you frequently email are important, if a message includes words frequently used in other messages you usually read then it’s probably important, the messages you star are probably more important than the messages you archive without opening. There are also explicit signals: click on the important/unimportant buttons, create filters to mark messages as important.

Google is rolling out Gmail’s Priority Inbox over the course of this next week. Below, their demo video:

(Google OS via TechCrunch, Lifehacker)

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