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Now You Can Own Your Very Own Plush Doll of Norman Bates’ Dead Mother

Don't be scared. Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly.

momma bates

Mother’s Day is coming up, and what better gift to show your mom you appreciate her than the corpse of the late Norma Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho? At the very least, it’s proof that she could have done worse raising you.

The toy is the brainchild of a company called Mezco, which is known for creating products for Axe Cop and Breaking Bad, as well as for their “Living Dead Doll” series which — surprise! — is also full of corpses and horror movie characters.

Here’s how the product description reads:

Mother stands 14 inches tall and features a soft, floppy, poseable cloth body and rotocast head, hands, and feet. Mezco’s award-winning design team has recreated her screen accurate dress and shawl , and Mother’s head and hands have been sculpted with intricate detail. Her gaping mouth forever frozen in a deathly skeletal grin beneath the hollow sockets of her eyes, her desiccated skin clings to her boney, gnarled, clawlike hands. She sits…and waits.

Nominated for a quartet of Academy Awards, the psychological thriller Psycho not only changed the world of horror, but how movies are marketed as well. Alfred Hitcock [sic] went to great lengths to keep audiences from revealing Mother’s secret, now Mezco wants her to go home with you!

Yes, I’m sure that’s exactly what Hitchcock intended when directing his cinematic masterpiece. “People will be so horrified,” he must have said to himself, “because they’ll want the corpse of a dead woman for themselves and they won’t be able to get one! I am a genius. Now, where’s Tippi Hedren? I have to go take all my misogynist and deeply sadistic frustrations out on her.”

Mother Bates will be available for purchase sometimes in September of this year.

(via Topless Robot, image via Big Bad Toy Store)

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