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Prepare to Soil Yourself at This It-Themed Haunted House

This seems to be the weekly topic of discussion on TMS’ Slack, so here we are with another update about It and how terrified we are about its marketing blitz.

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The latest thing to come out of that haunted-ass house is … well, a house. Warner Bros. has recreated the Neibolt House, which is the very same creepy mansion featured in all the latest It marketing. You can make an appointment to go check out the house, along with seven of your friends (the same size as the group of kids in the Losers Club, which is an extra neat touch, I think). The smaller, more intimate group size means that all the scares and stuff waiting inside are all really just for you.

And make no mistake: the website makes multiple mentions of this being a scary experience, with the tour of “set props” and things like that being a secondary (if not tertiary) priority. The site describes the experience as a 20 minute journey through pneumatic (what), animatronic (oh god), and live action jump scares (nnnnnnope). A quick review of the waiver doesn’t mention anything about the live actors being allowed to touch you or anything, which would certainly up the scary factor by, like, a million. What’s more, “Georgie” (the kid in the raincoat who goes missing, thus setting off the chain of events on which It centers) is the one who leads the “tour” of the house. Now, with that in mind, I also noticed that the description also mentioned “holographic horrors,” which, well, first of all: damn. Second: I totally believe that “Georgie” is going to be holographic, and is going to vanish, leaving you and your poor Losers Club alone in that damn house.

Maybe they’ll have him vanish in the weird clown room with the coffin in it?

Or maybe they’ll have him vanish in that weird, creepy, watery basement?

Oh, and we can’t forget about the god damn creepy clown that will undoubtedly be running around, chasing your group. Let’s not forget about that, oh no.

Anyway, if you’re totally into getting scared shitless, then this might just be the experience for you. You can sign up now over on Godspeed, you brave loser.

(via Inside the Magic, images: screencaps)

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