Noomi Rapace Will Play Septuplets In New Dystopia Film

There Can Be Only One
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Tatiana Maslany, the gauntlet has been thrown. Noomi Rapace, Swedish actress of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo fame, has been cast to play seven different sisters in a sci-fi film called Whatever Happened To Monday?

The movie takes place in a futuristic world plagued by overpopulation, which has resulted in the implementation of a strict one-child policy. Rapace’s characters are a group of septuplets trying their hardest to stay hidden in a world that outlaws their existence. My guess is they take shifts pretending to be the same person, and then everything is put in jeopardy when someone gets suspicious.

The cool part? The role was (roles were?) originally written for a man. Director Tommy Wirkola said:

Although the role was originally written for a male, I was struck by the complexities of having an actor portray seven characters and immediately knew Noomi was the ideal actor – male or female – to bring them to life.

You go, Noomi. Maybe if ladies like you keep leading awesome sci-fi films, we’ll finally get our decent female-led superhero movie. This is a tricky premise, but if Tatiana Maslany’s work on Orphan Black has taught us anything, it’s that someone can play multiple characters in the same piece and have it be not only completely not gimmicky, but actually amazing. Of course, this project coming in so quickly on the heels of Orphan Black presents its own challenge: critics and viewers will inevitably want to compare the two performances, and Maslany is definitely a tough act to follow. Is there room in our hearts for two rockin’ multi-character-playing sci-fi ladies?

One thing’s for sure: when the movie comes out, somebody needs to do a fan video editing Rapace’s sisters and Maslany’s clones into the same scene, all interacting with each other. So many attractive, identical people, so little time.

(via: Variety, photo by Iker Arbildi)

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