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Noodle the Senior Pug Has Everyone Rooting for “Bones Day” To Determine How We Feel

No bones? No problem.

Jonathan Graz Tiktok

Move over, Co-Star. So long, Punxsutawney Phil. There’s a new app-friendly animal-based horoscope in town: Noodle the 13-year-old pug. The senior pup has become a TikTok sensation thanks to his dad, Jonathan Graziano (@jongraz) who has introduced the world to its new favorite mood-determiner, No Bones.

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The rules are simple. Every morning, Graziano props up Noodle: if he stands, it’s a ‘Bones Day’. If he melts into a puddle of cuteness, it’s a ‘No Bones Day’. If it’s a ‘Bones Day’, viewers are in for a lucky, productive day. If it’s ‘No Bones Day’, then perhaps not.

But it’s not all bad, says Graziano. “I think that just means you have permission to flop on plans or activities if you don’t wanna do them,” he said in a recent ‘no-bones day’ video. Honestly, solid advice for us all.

@jongrazhope you all have the best Monday! 🔮🦴 ##nobones ##bonesday ##pug ##noodletok ##monday

♬ original sound – Jonathan

‘No Bones’ is now a daily morning ritual for people around the globe, an adorable horoscope-like predictor for how your day will turn out. Noodle/Jon currently have 1.8 million followers on Tiktok, garnering over a million views with each bones update. Graziano adopted Noodle in 2016 from his previous owner, who could no longer take care of him.

@jongrazI think we all saw this one coming 🦴🔮 ##nobones ##bones ##pug ##noodletok

♬ original sound – Jonathan

There’s no doubt that we’ve all experienced a ‘No Bones Day’ in past few years. That feeling of ennui when everything is exhausting? No Bones Day. That time you finished all your work ahead of schedule AND found $20 in the street? Solid Bones Day.

In a world that relies on all manner of superstitions or cosmic readings, is a senior pug’s bone status any less reliable than other predictors? Noodle reminds us that it’s important to keep hope alive, to wake up each morning with the hope that perhaps today we will find our bones.

#BonesDay has now swept social media, with folks across the globe responding to Noodle’s daily predictions. Tiktok is now filled with people celebrating #BonesDay in all sorts of creative ways.

@urmomslinguiniGood day today :) ##bonesday ##nobones ##MakeItCinematic ##happy ##fypシ ##NissanShowUp

♬ Eleanor Rigby – Cody Fry

@morgandrinkscoffeeI am PUMPED for the day ##bonesday ##nobones ##noodle ##barista

♬ original sound – charlotte (is gay)

@jongraz##duet with @skeeter.mcgavin_ Noodle’s birthday is July 4th so this actually makes perfect and rational sense. Also WHAT IS HAPPENING ##nobones

♬ The Way I Live – Baby Boy da Prince

Noodle, you are an inspiration to us all. What a good boy.

(via TikTok, image: screencap)

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