Nomskull Cupcake Molds Will Turn Your Kids Into Adorable Zombies

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There may be a new candidate for “Most Adorable Thing With Nom In The Name,” a title previously held, undoubtedly, by this Parry Gripp music video, which has the word in it’s title not one but seven times! I humbly present to you: Nomskulls (ability to place frosting in a strikingly brain-esque manner not included, but hopefully easy to obtain through practice)!

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But what zany niche product would be complete without a product page full of wonderfully terrible puns?

Knock ‘em dead with these four stylish silicone skulls. Nomskulls are ready to fill with your favorite grey batter and bake into perfect cupcake craniums. One bite and you’ll be head over heels, because there’s no doubt about it — this skull bone’s connected to the YUM bone! We’ve packed four silicone skull molds in each printed giftbox.

So let your kids get out their aggression by chowing down on some skulls. Because while some ignorant adults may want to ban violent video games for allegedly make kids aggressive and desensitized, nobody is going to ban delicious cupcakes. You hear me? Nobody!

(Via Geekologie)

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