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BLACKPINK Jennie Vaping Controversy, Explained

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is currently in the spotlight, but it’s sadly not for her music.

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Currently, Jennie is being flamed on social media after a clip of her vaping in Italy went viral online. Many netizens, especially from her home country of South Korea, slammed the idol for her irresponsible behavior. Since then, she has released an apology via her agency, ODD ATELIER.

But what’s the big deal with a grown woman vaping? Well, the issue is a little deeper than that.

BLACKPINK Jennie gets caught smoking indoors

On July 2, 2024, Jennie uploaded a vlog to her YouTube channel, giving fans a glimpse into her three-day trip in Capri, Italy. Back in June, Jennie made her runway debut at Jacquemus’ 15th anniversary show in the country.

It wasn’t until July 8 that fans realized she had included a clip of her vaping in the vlog. A user on X (formerly Twitter) shared the clip to the platform, and it immediately went viral. In the clip, Jennie is seen holding onto a small, rectangular-shaped device. As she gets her hair and makeup done, she brings it to her lips and exhales smoke.

Initially, fans theorized that it could be an aromatherapy diffuser that is used in a similar fashion to a vape. However, most people were convinced the device resembled a Juul.

While most people had no problems with her vaping, it was where she did so that sparked backlash. Since January of this year, Italy has prohibited smoking and the use of vapes/e-cigarettes in enclosed places. It is also banned in places of collective use, in any form of transportation, in areas intended for the consumption of food and drink, and in rooms used for sporting, cultural, and recreational activities. With that, Jennie has actually broken the law.

On top of that, people claimed Jennie blew the smoke into the face of the stylist doing her makeup. The idol faced backlash for her lack of etiquette, with netizens stating she should have blown her smoke in a different direction or found a place without other people to vape in, and she was called out for smoking around so many staff members in general.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie apologizes for indoor vaping scandal

Amid the growing backlash and hate against her, Jennie released an apology via her self-established agency, ODD ATELIER. The apology was shared on the company’s official X account in both English and Korean.

In her statement, she acknowledged that she vaped indoors and apologized for her actions. Additionally, it was revealed that Jennie had personally apologized to all the staff on-site who may have been affected by her vaping. Through her company, Jennie stated that she would do her best to prevent an incident such as this from occurring again in the future.

However, it appears Jennie may not be walking away without any consequences. According to a report from My Daily, Jennie has been reported to the Korean embassy in Italy for smoking indoors. An anonymous individual reportedly submitted evidence against the BLACKPINK star and asked for an investigation to be conducted.

Currently, it is unknown if Jennie will be fined or face any legal action for vaping.

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