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Replay: Watch Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Pokémon Announcement Live Right Here at 10AM EDT!

(Replay starts shortly after the 30-minute mark.)

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Yesterday, Nintendo made a surprise announcement: With the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2017 looming just next week, they’d be announcing some Pokémon news today in a dedicated Nintendo Direct presentation at 10AM EDT.

The Pokémon Direct will run for about 8 minutes, and what it will contain is anyone’s guess, though the Pokémon website calls it “big news.” (Of course they do—hype is their job.) There are a few likely options, from the rumored followup to Pokémon Sun/Moon that’s currently known as Pokémon Stars,” to remakes of the Black/White or Diamond/Pearl generation, or even additional mobile games and spinoffs. It could even be some combination of several of those things.

Whatever the news is, Nintendo likely splintered its announcement off into this week as a continuation of their evolving E3 strategy and PR strategy in general, which uses more focused “Direct” presentations. Next week, they’re planning to focus mostly on the Switch’s Super Mario Odyssey for their main E3 2017 presentation, although whatever Pokémon content is announced today could certainly show up in their later “Treehouse” E3 streams, as well as on the show floor for attendees to see.

With just minutes to go, place your final bets on what new Pokémon goodies await us this morning!


Pokkén Tournament is coming to Switch as Pokkén Tournament DX with five new playable Pokémon, including Sun/Moon‘s Dicidueye! (New characters also include Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Darkrai.) This is one of the Wii U games we previously suggested should come to the Switch to finally get its due on a more successful system, so we’re pretty excited about it. It’ll be out September 22, 2017.

Pokémon Sun/Moon are getting Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon versions with a new story and new Pokémon. They’re coming to the 3DS on November 17.

The original versions of Pokémon Gold and Silver are also coming to the virtual console on the 3DS—also on September 22.

(image: Nintendo)

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