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Things We Saw Today: Nina Simone Joining The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Nina simone

Nina Simone is a legend of music as both a singer and a songwriter. In addition to being a musician, Simone was also an activist who used her music to express ideas of black beauty. One of the most notable of those songs is “Four Women” which has been sampled by many people including one of Jay Z’s most recent songs “The Story of O.J” from the album 4:44. Being inducted along with Simone is Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a black female guitarist from the 30’s whose sound help create the modern Rock ‘n’ Roll sound. Rolling Stone did a great piece of why Tharpe should be inducted into the hall of fame and it seems their efforts have paid off. In addition to these two amazing women will be Bon Jovi, the Cars, Dire Straits, and the Moody Blues.


  • Ralph McQuarrie’s incredible concept art for Star Wars is now in a fun short video given an alternative look at the galaxy we could have had, including a female protagonist named Luka Starkiller. (via The Verge)
  • 25 films are going to be added to the National Film Registry including one of my favorite movies of all time Superman (1978) staring our one true live-action Superman. (via Slash Film)
  • Also, nothing says Wednesday night fun like a Creepypasta about the infamous story of Pokémon Black the fandom story that launched nightmares. What if your Pokémon were dying as you played the game? Sorry Ratatta. (via Kotaku)


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