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The Third Night Chronicles Movie is Basically Unbreakable 2

Hey, remember Devil?  Its trailer ran when you went to see Inception and the whole theater laughed when the words “From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan” flashed up on the screen.

Well, turns out it’s part of a three part series of horror films “from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan.”  And the third one is “what would have been the sequel [to ‘Unbreakable’].”

The full title of Devil is the slightly more unwieldy The Night Chronicles: DevilThe Night Chronicles is a deal Shyamalan made with Media Rights Capital to put out one horror movie a year for three years based on his original ideas, with others doing the screenwriting and directing.  And according to Shyamalan:

I cannibalized the idea for the sequel to ‘Unbreakable’ for one of the ‘Night Chronicles’…  It was such a cool idea for a villain, and it was actually originally in the script for ‘Unbreakable,’ and it was too much.  There were too many villains, so I pulled this villain out and was like, ‘I’ll make this the second flick.

I’ll just say it: the third ‘Night Chronicles’ movie is what would have been the sequel [to ‘Unbreakable’].  So now I need to come up with a new idea.

I’ll just say it: we were very badly burned by Airbender.  But we are a sucker for alternative interpretations of the superhero trope.  We’ll be watching the development of this third Night Chronicles movie (presumably set for release in 2012) and the implied Unbreakable 2 with interest.

(via ScreenRant.)

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