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Stupid Cyborg Tricks: British Dad Shows Off His Awesome Prosthetic Arm

Nigel Ackland lost his arm in an accident about six years ago, and recently received an upgrade to his prosthetics: the newly released BeBionic3. Though it starts off a little on the technical side, this three minute video demonstrates that the BeBionic3 is a pretty impressive piece of cybernetics. With it, Ackland can type, hold a mouse, and even do a “bring it on” style curled finger taunt — which, granted, does make him look a little like a character in a fighting game.

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Perhaps most impressive is the facility his new hand lends Ackland in the kitchen. It’s so delicately tuned that he can crack an egg without getting any shell in the bowl, a task plenty of people with both hands still can’t seem to master. Most importantly, though, Ackland’s ability to open a frosty beer at the end of a long day is restored — even if it is a Budweiser. Come on Nigel — if you’re going to pop a brew with a robot hand, make it one worth opening!

(via IEEE)

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