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Donald Trump Whined and Switched His Residency From New York to Florida

Donald Trump makes a pouty face in front of an American flag.

Whether it’s for tax purposes, because New York doesn’t like him, or because he’s just at that age where New Yorkers move to Florida, Donald Trump is stomping his feet and changing his permanent residence to Palm Beach. To be fair, if everyone in my city hated me, I’d probably also want to move, but when you’re the most hated man in America, it’s kind of hard to find anywhere to go where you are respected.

Trump, who blamed the politicians of New York for his move, took to Twitter to share in a thread why he was leaving his “beloved” home.

Here’s the thing: This isn’t uncommon. Many New Yorkers eventually take their leave of the big city and move to Florida’s balmy climate, if we manage to survive the city and live that long. What’s different is that most New Yorkers are not yelling because the city they’ve lived in their entire lives hates them so much and would not vote for them in a presidential election. Most Florida-bound Northerners just want to find warm weather.

While I think it is funny that Trump basically was like “New York hates me”—which, we do—there could be another reason why Trump took his toys and went to his new home down in the boot of the U.S.

The idea of Vice President Rudy Giuliani makes me want to tear my hair out, so let’s just laugh because the president is angry that New York City doesn’t want him here. Go outside Trump Tower at any point, and someone is flipping it off. Out of the five boroughs, the only one that Trump barely won was Staten Island. Hillary Clinton destroyed him in every aspect of New York City, including his birthplace of Queens.

So this move, while probably much to do with money, is likely something more than that. Is this mainly because the president wants to be loved? Probably. But even if he’s in Florida, people still hate him everywhere he goes. So go ahead, go to the state that is known for making little to no sense. You’ll still be the most hated man in America.

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