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Damn Fine News: Twin Peaks Box Set Will Contain Ninety Minutes of New Footage

Great news, Diane!


It’s a happy day in one fictional Washington state town: in response to a Facebook petition by fans, the new Twin Peaks box set due out July 29th will contain a whopping 90 minutes of never before seen footage and promises to reveal the show’s “entire mystery.”

Entertainment Weekly reported this morning that after years of lobbying by fans on Facebook, David Lynch has finally agreed to release the deleted scenes. Lynch curated the Blu-Ray box set, which will be the first Twin Peaks compilation to contain both the show’s two seasons and the 1992 prequel film Fire Walk With Me. The director said in a statement:

During the last days in the life of Laura Palmer many things happened, which have never been seen before […] They’re here now alongside the new transfer of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Twin Peaks, the television series.

Gah! What could that mean? If you’re filled with as much agonizing anticipation as I am, don’t worry: you might not have to wait until July 29th to learn some of the secrets the scenes have in store.  “The Entire Mystery” Tumblr set up for the Blu-Ray echoes Agent Cooper by saying, “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present—” so it’s safe to assume fans can check back there for teasers as July draws near.

Usually, I’d be dubious about a director like Lynch releasing deleted scenes from his work, since I’m not sure he ever intended viewers to grasp the “entire mystery” of the notoriously surreal series. But, Twin Peaks has spawned a rabid fandom that I think just wants a chance to relive what it was like to see the show for the first time—even if we ultimately wind up with more questions.

If you’re still not pumped, Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive trailer for the new box set. Come on, get happy, everyone!

(via Entertainment Weekly, image via Twin Peaks)

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