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That CGI Peanuts Movie Is Still Happening, Here’s a New Full-Length Trailer


Hold on tight to your childhoods. You might not like what you see here.

On the one hand, the animation’s a lot smoother and more engaging than I originally assumed it would be—as Cartoon Brew points out, there’s very minimal motion blur and fast-paced scenes are constructed almost like cel animation, which is smart and very cool-looking. On the other hand, watching Snoopy actually take off on his doghouse sort of ruins the magic—but not as much as the generic crappy pop song that’s rammed in the middle of the trailer does. Hopefully that was an ill-conceived marketing choice and not something that appears in the actual film when it’s released in November 2015, but it sure doesn’t inspire confidence.

What do you think? Is Peanuts ruined forever, or are you a little less enraged than you thought you’d be? It’s at least better than the original teaser trailer, right?

(via Cartoon Brew)

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