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New ThunderCats Looks Genuinely Excellent [Video]

I'll Allow It

Ok, ready for something potentially very awesome? This is the trailer for the new ThunderCats reboot, which will premiere on Cartoon Network later this year. It’s done in anime-style and looks like it should have been all along. Also pleasantly surprising is that Cheetara’s clothes actually look like clothes and not a “this is the closest we could get to naked” leotard! Yay! More details after the jump.

“A sweeping tale combining swords and science and boasting ferocious battles with the highest of stakes, the grand origin story of Prince Lion-O’s ascension to the throne –- and of those who would thwart his destiny at any cost –- takes on epic dimensions in this sharp new telling. As the forces of good and evil battle each other in the quest for the fabled Stones of Power, Lion-O and his champions learn valuable lessons of loyalty, honor and mortality in every episode.”

This series is a collaboration between Warner Bros. Animation and their Japanese partner Studio4°C.

As someone who watched the original ThunderCats — the one that was made by the same people who did Masters of the Universe — I can honestly say I’m psyched to see how this series plays out. Let’s be honest: those cartoons were cheesy-looking. Retro-fantastic? Maybe. But still cheesy. And yes, I will watch and compare. How could I not? Especially if they get Snarf to calm the hell down! Snarf, snarf, snarf

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