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New Powerless Promo Brings the Hilarity & Connections to the Rest of the DC Universe

"You seriously can't tell the difference between a bird and a plane?"

OK, so I was a little bit skeptical when talking about the first promo for NBC’s upcoming DC show, Powerless. However, after seeing the most recent one, which shows just how connected this new comedy will be to the DC characters we know and love, I’m starting to get really jazzed!

One of my bigger concerns when looking at the first promo was Vanessa Hudgens. She didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of her co-stars, and looked a bit uncomfortable with the comedic vibe of the show. This one, however, showcases some much funnier moments, and gives a more broad sense of what she brings to the table. This promo is also much funnier, and we learn that Alan Tudyk plays Bruce Wayne’s cousin, and that it’s really hard to put together a toy version of Wonder Woman’s invisible plane!

Powerless Executive Producer Patrick Schumacker recently did an interview with TV Line and gave some insight as to what we can expect with regard to how connected the show will be to the rest of the DC canon. It’s set in its own universe, nicknamed “Earth-P,” and is separate from the universe of the DC shows on The CW. While Schumacker reveals that the show will be delving into a lot of the DC universe (the promo above mentions Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne, and Superman), there was also a lot of “red tape” when dealing with some of the properties that are being actively used on television and are in heavy use in other mediums.

“We’re going to pull from the entire canon of the comics,” he says. “We want to show as much of the breadth of the DC universe as possible. You’re going to see characters you’re familiar with if you are a big, hardcore comic book fan.”

As for the change from being an insurance company to being a security company, Schumacker says that the change provides for a lot more options in storytelling: “[We] landed on security products, because we still wanted to do the idea that they’re working on stuff that makes everybody a little bit safer. After we had hit the security angle, we sat down with NBC, and they were the ones that suggested R&D. We loved it. It immediately generated stories.”

I have to say, this trailer is leaps and (single) bounds better than the first one we saw, and seeing a bit more of the types of products the company will be providing and the hilarious interactions between the characters, I have a lot more faith in the show. I’m excited for Powerless! What about you?

Powerless premieres February 2nd on NBC.

(via SyFy Wire, featured image via screencap)

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