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Rita Repulsa and Zordon Swing Into Action in New Power Rangers Trailer

There's a lot to unpack here.

So maybe this hip new Power Rangers movie won’t be so bad after all. Well, that’s the vibe I’m getting from the trailer. For those of us who grew up with the campy ’90s show (which in itself is a remake of a Japanese series, so much so that they recycled fight scenes from the latter), this film either has a lot to live up to or shouldn’t even exist in the first place. But this movie isn’t for us. It’s for a new generation.

That’s why they switched up the tone and turned it into an angsty origin story, much like something you might see from either Marvel or DC but with a more pop culture-inspired soundtrack. The use of Kanye West’s “Power” is fitting since it conveniently shares a word with the film’s title, but I’m still not over West’s Uncle Toming all over Trump Tower, so hearing his music is not exactly a welcome thing at the moment.

Still, the trailer offers up plenty of other things like a closer look at Bryan Cranston’s Zordon, Bill Hader’s Alpha 5 and Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa. While Zordon is an upgrade from the floating face in a water tube, I’m still having trouble adjusting to Alpha 5, whose head still looks like the back of a flying saucer.  Rita, on the other hand, looks to be the most interesting of the three if only for her scream face as she conjures up her dirt minions (who are a lot more menacing than the putty creatures from yesteryear).

But at the heart of it all are the rangers: Kimberly (Naomi Scott), Trini (Becky G.), Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Zack (Ludi Lin) and Billy (RJ Cyler). I can’t say that I’m a fan of the suits, but I’m optimistic about this group of fresh-faced superheros who don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. (“I’m black!” “No, you’re not!”) Whether or not this film will be good remains unclear but I’m curious enough to go and find out for myself.

Are you planning on seeing it as well?

(via Deadline, image via screencap)

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