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Rumor: New, Six-Core Mac Pro Coming Tuesday

Apple loves making its buzzy tech announcements on Tuesday, and the latest round of rumors has it that this coming Tuesday is going to be a biggie for the desktop computing set: a new, revamped Mac Prohexacore” with six cores and a 3.33 GHz processor that can TurboBoost to 3.6 GHz.

The current Mac Pro is a beastly powerful computer, and the rumored specs for the rumored new Mac Pro, which may or may not be announced on Tuesday, March 16, are more of the same.

Boy Genius Report (via ZDNet):

According to anonymous sources, the upcoming Mac Pro will rock the recently announced Intel Core i7-980x processor which will clock in at a fast 3.33GHz with TurboBoost to 3.6GHz and feature 6 cores and 12 threads of processing power, a 32nm architecture, Socket LGA1366 and 130W TDP.

If only desktop computers weren’t doomed to be “irrelevant” in three years time, as Google’s European chief put it.

(ZDNet via Boy Genius Report)

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