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Things We Saw Today: Kevin Spacey Is Back on His Bullshit

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood sits in front of a fireplace in a Christmas sweater, looking into the camera.

If you were mad about Ellen DeGeneres lamenting about sheltering in place during a pandemic in her huge mansion while she refused to pay her employees, just wait until you hear what alleged rapist and sexual predator Kevin Spacey has to say!

This of course isn’t the first time the K-PAX star has surfaced in a creepy homemade video, but it’s the first one he’s done as himself (and not his House of Cards character Frank Underwood, which was creepy enough). Now he’s using a video platform to say that he can sympathize with people struggling in the coronavirus economy because he has “empathy for what it feels like to suddenly be told that you can’t go back to work, or that you might lose your job, and it’s a situation you have absolutely no control over.”

Yes, you see, being shut out of Hollywood because over 30 people have accused you of sexual assault (up to and including rape) is totally the same as being laid off during a pandemic!

Spacey made this and other super-terrible statements as he spoke to a digital founder’s breakfast for a tech conference in Germany called Bits and Pretzels. He delivered the remarks on March 29th, but they’re only surfacing now because I guess we’ve been dealing with the hubris and narcissism of another washed-up super-villain alleged sexual predator on a daily basis.

As well as lamenting just how hard it’s been for him to be on the outs, Spacey also was there with the “inspiring” sentiment that all of this will “get better.” He continues throughout the video, which is generally pretty sickening as he plays victim, and then he dares to close things out by emphasizing the message of the American Beauty poster (not even the movie!) to “look closer.”

If there’s any consolation here it’s that Kevin Spacey seems to be absolutely miserable, and so desperate for work that he’ll agree to speak on a glorified Zoom call to Germany. But maybe, as he says, this will all get better and he’ll continue to fade into irrelevance.

(via Vulture, image: Screencap)

Here are a few slightly less infuriating things we saw today:

  • It’s a good week for fascinating celebrity profiles, first off this deep dive on what happened to Val Kilmer. (via the New York Times Magazine)
  • And also this four-year interview with Josh Trank about life after the bomb that was The Fantastic Four. (via Polygon)
  • In less serious news uh … did Constantine sleep with King Shark before or after he had gills?

  • This is what it’s like to be unemployed in America. (via USA Today)
  • A new COVID-19 treatment is getting some funding from Dolly Parton. Perfect. (via The Daily Beast)
  • Well at least this Simpsons writer is owning up to things:

  • Congrats to Watchmen, Dickinson, Succession, and more for their Peabody nominations! (via The Hollywood Reporter)

What did you see out there today?

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