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We Can’t Stop Crushing on These New Gorgeous-as-All-Heck Grimes Music Videos

Grimes recently released a strikingly gorgeous set of videos that she collaborated on with her brother, Mac Boucher and fellow friend and artist HANA. These videos were shot over a two week period in Europe during her recent AC!D REIGN tour. The playlist above has eight videos, one of which is the “director’s cut,” which is a 38-minute megavideo made up of the other seven videos placed in their intended order. There’s a decidedly very fantastical/fantasy theme woven throughout all of the videos which lends itself well to both Grimes and HANA’s styles of music. Between the jetsetting, the exotic locales, the surreal costumes, and the enthralling dancing, it’s easy to assume this is all something out of a dream–exactly the feeling one might get from listening to Grimes or HANA’s music.

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Between the visuals, the cinematography, and the stunning costuming, it’s easy to assume that this entire thing was shot using professional rigs. In reality, they were all “guerilla style vids, a la realiti. So there was no crew, makeup, cameras, lights,” as Grimes described in a tweet.

What’s especially amazing is that these videos were shot with nothing but a cell phone. To be completely honest with you, it’s both inspiring and slightly depressing to realize that it isn’t necessarily a lack of tools that’s holding me (or anyone I guess) back from creating something as stunning as these videos.

Four of the seven videos are songs created by Grimes while the remaining three are songs by HANA. The songs they each share are quite distinct from each other, with HANA leaning more towards the witch house/witch core style of music that influenced some of Grimes’ early more dream pop/trance songs. Here, though. Grimes presents a much brighter, upbeat, almost colorful style, which is definitely a welcome change.

One of the biggest highlights in the videos is the dancing. There are a variety of different women displaying an incredible variety of styles of dance, and they each bring it as hard as anybody else.

I can’t stop gushing about these videos. I’d strongly recommend you check them out yourself, and enjoy jamming out for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

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