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GoldieBlox Is Back with Another Adorable Commercial, Hopefully They Cleared the Song This Time

That sure is a ridiculous-looking egg.

GoldieBlox got into some trouble with The Beastie Boyz over one of their earlier commercials that parodied the song “Girls,” but they won’t let that keep them down. They’re back with a new commercial showing off their engineering toys for girls, and they’ve brought some interesting statistics along with them.

Legal trouble aside, that “Girls” parody commercial was adorable, and we’re on board with GoldieBlox’s goal of encouraging girls to pursue engineering. They pulled the “Girls” version and have since re-released the video with a new audio track. This new commercial is another parody of sorts, taking the woefully outdated “This is your brain on drugs” PSA from 1987 and replacing drugs with princesses.

Here’s the original video, since a lot of you probably weren’t alive when it aired.

The GoldieBlox commercial follows a dolled-up egg as it goes along a GoldieBlox conveyor belt lined with interesting statistics about women in engineering. The mechanics are simpler than their “Girls” Rube Goldberg machine, but this is a better example of the actual product and the statistics are a nice touch that help explain the need for a toy aimed at getting girls into engineering in the first place.

Still. Maybe get away from basing your commercials off of something else, GoldieBlox. It’s caused you a lot of problems already, and your product and message are strong enough to stand on their own.

Any questions?

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