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A New Godzilla Trailer Finally Shows off the Movie’s Other Monster and Kaiju Battle Action

Don't they know it's traditional to wait until at least the sequel before packing in too many villains?

If you don’t want to know anything about the plot of the new Godzilla movie, then you should probably turn back now and use your best judgment as to whether or not you want to watch this new trailer. (Though I recommend it, because I’m now even more excited about this movie.)

If you’re still here, good. Now we can talk about how this the new Godzilla has really been a Godzilla vs. movie all along, and it looks like Godzilla itself has actually been summoned somehow to do battle with the movie’s other monster, Muto. This trailer also gives us our first really good look at Muto, who a lot of people have mistaken for Mothra.

It’s been known that Muto would be in the movie, but the idea of summoning Godzilla to battle him is kind of an unexpected turn for a reboot movie. Maybe this time it’ll actually be a good Godzilla reboot?

(via Laughing Squid and io9, image via Godzilla)

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