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DC Comics Shakes Up Management; “High Five” Take the Helm

What happens when I sit at home and play WoW all day, and forget to pick up my comics?  I miss stuff like major changes in the running of the company that I buy most of my comics from.  (Strategically announced on the day of the week furthest from New Comic Day?  We wonder.)

This Thursday saw major upheaval in the governance of DC Comics.  Until now, the company was headed up by Paul Levitz, in the position of President and Publisher.  According to an announcement made on the The Source, the official DC Universe blog, Levitz is leaving the positions, and will be replaced by six people.  Namely, Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, Executive VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development John Rood, and Executive VP of Finance and Administration Patrick Caldon.  These so-called “High Five” will report directly to DC Entertainment’s President, Diane Nelson.

A rundown of the artists on DC’s new executive management team after the jump.  Jim Lee

Jim Lee began his career as a comics artist at Marvel, creating the unique look of 1990’s X-Men and co-creating the character Gambit.  He was also a part of the creation of Image Comics and Wildstorm Productions.  He has been drawing for DC since 1998.

Dan DiDio

Dan Didio has been a writer for over 7 years, working on such titles as Superboy, The Outsiders, and the ambitious series 52.  He also wrote for Reboot!  Crazy.

Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns is a regular writer for DC comics, helping to relaunch characters like Hal Jordan, The Teen Titans, and Booster Gold. He is also a comic retailer, co-owning a two-store franchise in California.

Unfortunately, John Rood, Patrick Caldon, and Diane Nelson haven’t made as big a splash in the comics world, so there isn’t much we can tell you about them.  However, we would like to direct you to Bleeding Cool‘s interview with all six members of DC’s new management team, hereRich Johnston quizzed them with a number of very informed questions, and came out of it feeling optimistic.

As a long-time Batman fan whose level of disgruntledness towards DC has risen in the last year, I hope he’s right.

DC Press Announcement here.

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