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New ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Additions Might Check Off Our MCU Wishlist

Matt Murdock saluting in She-Hulk

Oh Matty. Matt Murdock is coming back in a big way, and while we’ve already seen him featured in two properties in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s getting his own show! With Daredevil: Born Again, we’re getting to see the return of the Hell’s Kitchen world that existed within the Netflix show, but it is obviously going to be different now that it is formatted for the MCU proper. And with all these new cast additions, this show is certainly going to be exciting.

News broke that Michael Gandolfini, Sandrine Holt, and Margarita Levieva were joining the Disney+ television show, but no news of their characters has been released yet. So that means we get to have the gears going and figuring out what we want to see from these actors and the series!

Michael Gandolfini should be Richard Fisk

The minute that the announcement came out that Michael Gandolfini was rumored to be a part of Daredevil: Born Again, I knew I wanted him to be Richard Fisk. Richard is most famously known from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse when Wilson Fisk/Kingpin loses Vanessa and Richard and fights to get them back using Doc Ock’s collider. But he’s also a prolific comic character and bringing him into the MCU would continue the trend of younger Marvel characters getting their time.

Richard is less of a straight up villain like his father and is more of an antihero in the comics, and while he appeared in a Spider-Man comic, the Fisks are often tied to Matt Murdock and were in the original Daredevil Netflix series, so it could work, and would mean that we could have Gandolfini in the future of the Spider-Man films.

Could Sandrine Holt or Margarita Levieva be Black Cat?

Now, here is when things get complicated. Both Levieva and Holt are rumored to potentially be love interests for the leads. And the only lead we have confirmed is the return of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil. And, for the most part, Matt’s love interests from the comics are characters we have already met.

We had Elektra played by the incredibly talented Elodie Yung in Daredevil on Netflix, and Daredevil is also linked to Natasha Romanoff at times—not to mention Karen Page and … well, that one time when he dated Foggy’s sister. There have been others that Holt and Levieva could be, like Dakota North or Heather Glenn, but there is also another character that would complicate things within the MCU—and with the age of Peter Parker—and that’s Felicia Hardy.

Well, they could also do a storyline with Typhoid Mary, but let’s get back to Black Cat.

To make Spidey jealous, the Matt and Felicia date each other for a while, and that’s all fun and games except for the fact that the MCU Matt Murdock and Peter Parker are very different ages. So Felicia Hardy actually being used to make Peter jealous wouldn’t work, but it could be fun to bring Black Cat in and have her tied more to Matt Murdock than Peter Parker.

Point is, labeling both Levieva and Holt’s characters as love interests doesn’t exactly narrow it down for Matt Murdock, but it does mean that we could have a lot of fun with whatever Daredevil: Born Again has in store for us!

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