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New Captain Marvel Poster Heralds an (Alleged) Week of Marvel Trailers

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in new poster

Marvel dropped a brand new look at our favorite lady pilot in Captain Marvel over the weekend, and rumor has it that we’re going to be seeing a lot more from the studio this week.

I take every Marvel rumor with a massive grain of salt—especially after last week, in which it was strongly suggested that the first Avengers 4 trailer would come into the world and instead we just got the Russo brothers making me yell about things.

So with that in mind: we’re hearing that there’s both a second Captain Marvel trailer coming tonight during Monday Night Football (ABC, game starts at 8:15 pm EST) as well as that long-promised Avengers 4 trailer on Wednesday. Do I believe all of this will happen? Not necessarily. Marvel has hurt me too many times.

But real, solid new promotion does exist in the poster Marvel just released of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel:

Captain Marvel new poster

The Mary Sue staff had a collective meltdown when this strong, dynamic, crackling-with-power Carol appeared. “Help I love her,” declared Chelsea Steiner. “God is a woman,” said Kate Gardner. I’m appreciating Carol’s assertive pose and the divide between alien ships on one side and fighter jets on the other, showing her two worlds.

In terms of those trailer rumors: in now-deleted tweets, movie pundit John Campea had floated the news that there’s a new Captain Marvel trailer tonight showing during Monday Night Football. This was retweeted by DanielRPK, an account that frequently has accurate Marvel insider info; DanielRPK seconded the Captain Marvel trailer news and also added that the Avengers 4 trailer would be dropping Wednesday morning.

That those original tweets are now deleted is … interesting, to say the least.

[UPDATE: He has since tweeted again about the potential Wednesday release.]

We’ve also heard from our own sources that the Wednesday morning Avengers 4 trailer drop may be the real deal. In addition, DanielRPK suggests this may be the trailer month to end all months:

Time, and these slow-moving days until Wednesday, will tell. If this is all true, it seems like Marvel Studios wants to go all-out with a trailer blitz, revving up excitement for Captain Marvel (out March 8th) and Avengers 4 (out May 3rd, theoretically, unless RDJ intervenes again) in one go.

Will we really be getting Spider-Man: Far From Home in December as well? Would it make sense to tout this film when Peter Parker is still dust in the current MCU?

It seems a little strange to me to drop these things in such quick succession, but who knows? I’ve given up trying to find a method to Marvel’s madness.

What are you most excited about seeing? At this point I’m ready to release my own Avengers 4 trailer, which consists of stick figures of superheroes yelling very loudly.

(images: Marvel Studios)

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