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Hold on to Your Hats, the New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Is a Lot

It’s here! 40 days and change until Avengers: Infinity War and we’ve at last been gifted with a new trailer. There’s a ton of things happening here, so let’s make the leap.

“The entire time I knew him, he only had one goal,” Gamora’s voiceover begins. “To wipe out half of the universe.” Talk about overachieving. “If he gets all the Infinity Stones, he can do it with a snap of his fingers. Just like that.”

“Tell me his name again,” says Tony Stark.


Here we go! Overlaid over a bunch of new action sequences and scenes is likely the gist of the Avengers’ plan: “We’ve got one advantage: he’s coming to us,” Stark says. “We have what Thanos wants. So that’s what we’ll use.” Cool, Tony. Not so sure it works out the way you hoped.

We see Iron Man and Spider-Man in action, Vision and Wanda exchanging panicked looks, T’Challa and a Wakandan delegation greeting Steve, Natasha, Sam, Rhodey, and Bruce, Our Lady of Technology Shuri at work, and Peter Quill, Peter Parker, Drax, and Tony Stark in conference:

“Let’s talk about this plan of yours,” Star-Lord says, “I think it’s good, except, it sucks. So let me do the plan, and that way, it might be really good.”

What else is here? Yet still more! Steve and T’Challa are flying over Wakanda in an open airship! Nat and Bucky are nearby!

The Hulkbuster armor that likely contains Bruce gets swarmed by Outriders! Thor makes a lot of lightning fly somewhere not on Earth! Thanos wears some fancy armor and destroys stuff! Thor is getting his head crushed by Thanos!

Loki is in the company of the Black Order but probably not on purpose since Proxima Midnight is holding a weapon aimed at his head!

The super-epic battle for Wakanda looks freaking huge! Thanos holds someone’s hand! Somewhere else, Doctor Strange is getting hella tortured!

And Steve fights Thanos hand-to-hand when the Mad Titan still only has two of the Infinity Stones (space and power).

Make sure you keep watching after the rise of the Avengers logo because Peter Parker has to have the last word, of course.

I’ll have a lot more to say about this trailer, but I can’t wait to hear what you all think. What did you see? Did anything surprise you? This is our most definitive look at Infinity War yet, and while it’s as busy as expected, there’s a lot of revealed stuff here that made me newly excited for the movie on April 27th.

(images: Marvel)

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