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‘Pokémon Concierge’ Looks Like the Chill Pokémon Series I’ve Always Wanted

The chill Pokémon series of my dreams seems to be upon us

Psyduck being a cutie in the teaser trailer for Pokémon Concierge

I was not sure what to expect from the 2023 Pokémon Day presentation. 2022 was bookended by two full-length Pokémon games; one, at least, was phenomenal. But given that Pokémon Scarlet / Violet seemed a little … less than ready for launch when it came out in November, I would have been straight-up alarmed if an entirely new Pokémon console game was announced. My best-case scenarios were an announcement of Pokémon Red / Blue / Yellow coming to Nintendo Switch Online, or an announcement of a chill, slice-of-life Pokémon series. The more unlikely of those is the one that came true.

Arguably the highlight of the 2023 Pokémon Day presentation was the unveiling of Pokémon Concierge, a stop-motion animated series which will debut on Netflix. I’m still mad at Netflix for scrapping the Gorillaz movie, but Pokémon Concierge looks like it might be my dream Pokémon series. All we have so far is a 25-second teaser, but I’m so excited to be so relaxed. Let’s dig in and find out if the cozy, no-stakes Pokémon series I’ve always wanted might actually be at hand.

What will Pokémon Concierge be about, and will it be chill?

All we currently have to go on is this 25-second teaser, which was released on Pokémon Day 2023. We just see a Psyduck walking alone on a beach, in the shadow of palm trees. A human announcer simply says, “This is the Pokémon Resort. Pokémon are the guests here. Here is the story of the resort’s concierge.” It’s so relaxing and chill and nice.

The titular concierge is a human named Haru. But all of the guests at this resort are Pokémon. So the series is probably just about this woman tending to the desires of these Pokémon guests. I’m sure they will have ridiculous and very cute needs. Honestly, “concierge at Pokémon resort” is my dream job. I would give up my entire life and career to have this lady’s job.

It’s possible that attending to these needs will be stressful for our concierge hero. But the vibe of this trailer is so freaking chill that I kind of doubt it. Psyduck’s legendary headache was a stress point which drove the plot (delightfully so) in Detective Pikachu, for instance. But here, it’s all chill.

Have you ever watched the Pokémon ASMR videos on YouTube? They’re pretty much the best things on the internet (if not in all of existence), even if you’re not an ASMR person (I’m not). They’re just hour-long videos of Pokémon being cute and cozy and hanging out. No stakes. Just chill. If Pokémon Concierge is a minimal-conflict series that just involves Pokémon hanging out at a hotel, I will be in heaven. You could even say they’re chilling out. CHILL.

Who is animating this chill series of wonder and dreams?

Pokémon Concierge is coming to us courtesy of dwarf, a Japanese animation studio which specializes in stop-motion animation. dwarf is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and has a huge body of very cute and cozy work. Notably, they’ve worked with the NHK (the Japanese equivalent of the BBC) to do a series of shorts for the NHK’s beloved mascot, Domo-kun.

dwarf has also previously worked with Netflix on Rilakkuma and Kaoru, a show which is also very cute and cozy. My point is, if you look at dwarf’s body of work, “cute and cozy” is a definite vibe. Which is exactly what I want for Pokémon Concierge. As the teaser suggests, and as Netflix’s Minyoung Kim said before its unveiling, Pokémon Concierge was created to be “local content” (i.e., to Japan) that “will excite audiences all over the world.” Which sounds great.

When can I chill at this Pokémon Resort of joy and happiness?

The end of the trailer simply says “coming soon,” which could mean anything. It’s definitely coming sometime in 2023. I would like to bask in this magical place as soon as possible, please. But considering that the brand-new, post-Ash Pokémon anime is debuting in the spring, I would wager Pokémon Concierge will arrive in the summer or fall.

I just hope Netflix doesn’t cancel Pokémon Concierge after only two seasons, like it loves to do.

(featured image: Netflix)

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