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Netflix Has Recruited Manga Icons CLAMP & Others for Upcoming Original Anime Content

Netflix Japan Anime posted a small, 30-second teaser of some of their animated series and welcomed a group of new creators they have brought along to make original anime series for the streaming service. “Announcement of partnership with six original creators such as manga artists, novelists and screenwriters in planning and producing new original animations.”

The creators include the female mangaka team CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura), Kibayashi Shin (Fire Emblem), Ohtagaki Yasuo (Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt), Otsuichi and Ubukata Tow (Mardock Scramble/Goth), and mangaka Yamazaki Mari (Thermae Romae).

Anime series have been very popular for Netflix, and last year, according to TBI Vision, “Netflix entered into partnerships with five Japanese animation productions houses: Production I.G, Bones, Bnima, David Production and Sublimation,” which means they now have access to some of the most impressive anime studios, especially Bones.

Taiki Sakurai, the chief producer of anime at Netflix, said,

We’re excited to work with these extraordinary creators to bring best in class anime to Netflix. These partnerships are part of our broader investment strategy to support Japanese anime – giving creators the ability to tell bold, innovative stories and giving them access to fans all around the world, because storytelling is boundless in the world of anime.

As someone who has been a fan CLAMP for a long time (the highs and the lows), I’m really excited to see what sort of work they come up with during this deal. Maybe this will be the push to finally get them to finish X/1999. A girl can dream, anyway. Plus, CLAMP raised me, and despite their problematic material at times and the way they drop the entire series, I love them. When they make great work, it truly is great, and for Sakura, Wish, and Magic Knight Rayearth, I’ll probably support them forever. (I will always hate Chobits, though.)

It’s a diverse group of people they pulled together, and it has a lot of potential for Netflix to have its own powerful place in the anime streaming world. Netflix will also be exploring “off-screen opportunities with them through publishing and consumer products.”

So much merch is coming.

Which mangakas would you like to see working with a streaming service like Netflix to make original content?  I’d be game to see Yuu Watase make their return in this form.

(via TBI Vision)

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