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Things We Saw Today: Netflix Already Has a GameStop Stock War Movie in the Works & Its Consultant Has Some, Uh, Interesting Ideas

People walk by a GameStop store in Brooklyn

It’s been less than a week since a group of Redditors short squeezed a bunch of hedge funds into skyrocketing the value of GameStop stocks (which I believe are now officially, legally mandated to be referred to as “stonks” moving forward), but there are already multiple movies reported to be in various stages of development.

First, it was announced that MGM had acquired the rights to a book proposal—not even a book, just the proposal!—called The Antisocial Network. That book will be written by Ben Mezrich, who has a history of writing successful source material for future films. He’s written a ton of nonfiction books, including Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down the House, which were adapted into The Social Network and 21, respectively.

Now Netflix has their own GameStop movie in the works and they’ve cast Noah Centino in a “major role.” It’s also set to be written by Mark Boal, whose previous work pretty much exclusively includes tense action-heavy suspense films (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, Detroit) so either he’s branching out or this movie is going to be … interesting.

Even more, uh, interesting, is that according to DeadlineScott Galloway is attached to consult. The outlet describes Galloway as an “activist/journalist and NYU prof and an expert on tech issues who teams on the popular Pivot podcast.” His big takeaway from the GameStop tumult? It’s bad because it’s going to make men sad.

Here’s what he said on MSNBC about the matter:

The biggest loss of capital will be the human capital of young men who are sitting and staring at their phone and watching the price of Bitcoin or the price of AMC. And ask yourself, would you be better off taking that one, two, or three hours a day and working out, trying to form relationships, with mentors, with romantic relations, with people at work, getting great at something so you can be the person on the other side of the trade?

He also compared the situation to “how there’s a ton of young women out there who became very depressed by sitting in their rooms, looking at Instagram.” Galloway says he thinks we’re “going to see an explosion in young male depression” and that that depression is going to be “reverse-engineered” to create new apps that make you even more addicted to your phone.

That is quite a take! And he feels so confident in his enormous leap from stonks to incels that he also put it on Twitter, where people can see it!

So Netflix is rushing to make a movie as quickly as possible about an event that just began last week and their main consultant is a guy who publicly states that the biggest motivating factor in said event is men not having enough sex. That certainly is a series of choices! What could go wrong??

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What did you all see out there today?

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