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Netflix Has an Unexpected Effect On Our Relationships (According to a Study by Netflix)


We all know about the effects of Netflix–its monthly ritual of giveth and taketh away, its ability to grant us original programming (and then releasing said programming all in one day, allowing us to binge-watch to our hearts’ content). But apparently, Netflix has an even bigger impact on our relationships these days than we might realize–according to Netflix, that is.

In a study conducted by the streaming service, which surveyed a group of over 1,000 Americans with an age range of 18 to 39 years old, there were some surprising results when the convo turned to Netflix. Almost one-third of those surveyed (27%) said that “show compatibility” was an important factor in choosing a potential dating partner. While 13% overall said they were more inclined to ask someone on a date solely based on liking the same TV shows, a surprising 34% of men said they would pursue someone based on similar tastes in TV and movies.

And when things get serious, Netflix is also factored into the equation. More than 50% of those individuals surveyed said that sharing a Netflix password was a serious milestone, while 17% said they would likely wait until they were at least engaged or married to share an account. (So if you want to split the monthly cost, you need to put a ring on it first.) 72% of couples also said that staying in and watching something on (you guessed it) Netflix was their preferred way to spend a date night.

Of course, it’s not always easy to figure out what to do in a break-up situation–especially where Netflix is involved. What happens when things don’t work out and you and your ex are still sharing an account? The lines are definitely more blurred in that instance.

We may not have realized the degree to which Netflix can affect our relationships–but the truth is that it has, for better or for worse.

(via Forbes)

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