Today Is National Cake Day, Contrary to Reports That the Cake Is a Lie

Where is the cake? We'll show you if you simply assume the party escort submission position.


According to National Days on Twitter, today is National Cake Day. Usually, cakes have a designated purpose, but today the cake is the purpose, so now’s your opportunity to decorate that cake for whatever purpose you’d like. Isn’t it great that National Cake Day and National Pie Day—erm, Thanksgiving—are both in the same week?

For instance, you can use your cake to celebrate a lack of things that are terrible. Hopefully, you have a lack of things that are terrible to celebrate.

Of course, for Reddit users, any day can be cake day, because it’s the term for the anniversary of the day that a user creates their Reddit account. If you don’t already have a Reddit account, today might be the day to register one. We imagine that if your Reddit cake day coincides with National Cake Day, you become some kind of Reddit-chosen one.

It’s unclear what your Reddit-chosen one powers would be, but it’s safe to say you should probably be a cat person. Either way, celebrate Cake Day with us today, and make sure you don’t listen to any snarky computer overlords.

(via National Days on Twitter, image via Dave Osterhoff)

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